Sitting Is The New Smoking in North Andover MA

Sitting Is The New Smoking in North Andover MA

Chiropractic North Andover MA Sitting

What?! That's right -- Sitting is the new smoking! How so?

Prolonged sitting in North Andover MA is not something our anatomy is designed for, and it is a global problem. Prolonged sitting, and physical inactivity in general, leads to chronic disease and injury, causes muscular imbalances, decreases life expectancy, and affects every major system in the body. It's also a major contributor to poor posture as it leads to the over-tightening of certain muscles, while other muscles become weak and inhibited. Children are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of poor posture as it sets them up for premature spinal damage and disease in their future.

Sitting Too Much In North Andover MA?

Due to our sedentary lifestyle, and modern technological conveniences, conditions of poor posture are increasingly abundant and starting at earlier ages than ever before. These postural changes should not be ignored as they can lead to negative results throughout the body. Some of these negative results include stress and tension throughout the muscular and skeletal systems, imbalances through the spine, chronic pain, spinal degeneration, decreased blood flow to the brain, reduced oxygen uptake in the lungs, pain, impaired range of motion, and susceptibility to other injuries.

DID YOU KNOW... In healthy posture, the head is perfectly balanced over the shoulders and all 4 curves of the spine. With every inch of increased forward head posture, you INCREASE the weight that your spine must support by 10 POUNDS!!

DID YOU KNOW... Prolonged sitting and poor posture can also affect not only your muscular and skeletal systems, but also your cardiovascular system, your metabolism, and even your mental health!

So what is the solution? GET UP!! Limit your sitting to less than 3 hours each day. Then GO SEE YOUR CHIROPRACTOR!! Regular spinal checks are key to maintaining your overall health and wellness. Dr. Tria would love to hear from you today!

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