Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been receiving care for my spine, back and neck from Healthy Edge Chiropractic for the past several years. Dr. Tria has been treating me for a spinal defect which helps to keep it in check, allowing me to get around without discomfort. I have also had everything from a car accident to falls on ice, which left me in moderate to severe pain. After a couple visits to Healthy Edge, pain and discomfort had started to subside and was getting my mobility back without pain meds. Part of Dr. Tria's approach is health and wellness derived from a healthy spine, so my appointments have been educational as well as appreciated. Dr. Tria is very professional and attentive to ones needs and concerns. I don't write reviews often and apologize to the Healthy Edge team for not writing review sooner as they are very deserving of 5 star rating."

 - Jeff K.

"Of course everyone showed up in the afternoon! Dr. Tria was focused and attentive to each and every person. I could hardly walk when I went in. After she adjusted my back I walked out upright and feeling so much better. My daughter and 2 grandchildren were also adjusted yesterday. We’ll all be back soon to keep our bodies in tune! Our Powers On!"

 - Jean M.

"I am in my 50's and had never been to a chiropractor in my lifetime. I have had light to moderate back pain, on and off, for the last 12 years. I met with, and consulted with Dr. Tria in December of 2017. Dr. took x rays on my first visit and then reviewed them with me the following day. She started her recommended treatments on me, that same week. I can say that after just 4 weeks of treatment, my back is pain free for the first time in 12 years! Thank You!"

 - Conrad P.

"I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Tria for long enough to give a proper evaluation of what I think. I am thrilled with the service I have received. I love Dr. Tria's technical skill and her personal attention to my needs."

 - Jimi A.

"I really enjoy going to see Dr. Tria. She has helped me SO MUCH with neck and back pain in the past months! As well as just overall a healthier me, and getting me well on my way to feeling so much better. She is very thorough, caring and compassionate."

 - Jenn C.

"Dr. Tria provides excellent care. She always asks questions and truly gets to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Tria's services to anyone seeking neck, back, or other corrective needs."

 - Dana H.

"It's a place you always feel welcomed and like family. Thanks for always give us such wonderful care and top notch adjustments. My 4.5 year old son woke up the other day and asked if he could go see Dr. Tria. I asked him why he said he was feeling down. Whenever we are "feeling down" or feeling like we are coming down with something we go get an adjustment to boost our immune system, this usually helps keep the sick bugs away. Dr. Tria has been great with treating all of my family members and all throughout my current pregnancy. Like with my son, I am looking forward to our postnatal care as well. My son gets so excited to see Dr. Tria that it is like taking a kid into a wellness candy store, we love it!"

 - Carmen J.

"Dr. Tria arrives early and my 9am apt is always on time. The newly covered tables are beautiful (Purple) the new padding is very comfortable. Adjustments are easy and I always feel better after. Power turned on until next visit."

 - Jean M.

"Dr. Tria is an amazing asset for the community and our family. She comes highly recommended to anyone looking for an adjustment to maintain your health and boost your energy."

 - Ethan W.

"I want to thank Dr. Tria, I have only seen her a handful of times but can say it has been very affective. I went in with severe hip pain and need surgery. After my first treatment I felt a huge difference in my pain management. I also felt she was very professional. She instantly me feel comfortable. Thanks!"

 - Dalina F.

"Dr. Tria is so attentive and caring. She pays attention to a body's response to her adjustment/treatment. She knows when your body has been undergoing stress before you even can tell her because she pays attention to her clients! My whole family is much healthier because of her practice."

 - Jane M.

"Dr. Tria keeps me in alignment so I don't have back or hip pain! Great preventive medicine."

 - Joan M.

"Just like a car our bodies need to be tuned up so that we can perform to the best of our ability. As an older woman involved in sports I notice my body becomes off balance from twisting and turning during sports and everyday life. Dr. Tria realigns my skeleton so that I can be the best I can be. My movement is more fluid with fewer aches after my chiropractic visits."

 - Nina F.

"We love and appreciate this practice, I was skeptical at first but it really has made a difference. Thank you."

 - Diana M.

"I have been very satisfied with the services I have received with Dr. Tria. After having an adjustment yesterday I feel better than before the visit. My back and joints don't hurt as much and I feel that I'm healing with each day. Also I don't feel as tired as before."

 - Barbara A.

"When I visit Dr. Tria, I get much more than just a physical adjustment... she checks in with how I am doing emotionally and personally and how this impacts my health. She gives her patients plenty of time to connect with her and she listens to each and every story. There may be people waiting to be seen after me, yet she gives me her attention as if there was no one else in the office. Dr. Tria cares about the whole patient, not just the chiropractic care."

 - Jane M.

"Dr. Tria is so great, warm, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. My whole family sees Dr. T from my 7week, 4 years olds, 9 year old, me and my overworked husband. We all feel the huge difference she has made in our lives with specific treatment plans and a thorough explanation of our current status and what needs to be done to improve spinal health. So happy we started going to Healthy Edge!"

 - Katherine H.

"Went to Dr. Tria today for my monthly adjustment. I had had a recent right knee injury and walked in with corresponding right hip pain from an altered walking pattern. I walked out with no back or hip pain. Hooray!!"

 - Pauline B.

"Family-centered practice that has helped improve quality of life by reducing sciatic pain through individualized treatment plan. This practice also promotes healthy living and giving to the community. Highly recommended!"

 - Janis M.

"I was referred in to Dr. Tria Sykes by a friend because I had a lot of back stifness and pain including sciatic pain. I was pretty skeptical at first and had a little faith that chiropractic would help me. Since beginning care I have had less back pain, less stiffness and my posture is much better. It is so much easier to stand up straight after just a few months of care. What has impressed me most about my experience at Healthy Edge besides how I feel, is I see a great deal of dedication to the patients from both Dr. Tria and Patty. Thanks to them both!"

 - Wayne M.

"I was experiencing headaches daily, including two-day migraines. Since I have been coming I rarely have headaches. I realized I was clenching my teeth, but now I need to hold my jaw naturally to do the clenching that started mt headaches. I finally feel like I'm correcting the problems and not just masking them with medications!"

 - Joann C.

"I felt "off" and my back always hurt prior to recieving adjustments at your office. Since starting chiropractic care my stomach is less bloared, my back hurts less and when I do hurt it, it heals one third of the time now that I am under care and I have less overall achiness."

 - Katie L.

"I chose your office for chiropractic care after learning about you through the Feaster Five Race. I was skeptical about chiropractic care as a nurse - aren't all medical people? I had never had a personal experience, but was willing to give it a try after 9 months of neck discomfort and shoulder pain. Since beginning care I have experienced less discomfort and a greater range of motion."

 - Susan C.

"When Molly started daycare at 8 months old she got her first ear infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and within 2 days of completing the 10 day cycle of antibiotics her symtoms were back. She was inconsolable; crying all the time, couldn't lay flat and had a fever. The doctor wanted to prescribe another stronger antibiotic after confirming yet another ear infection. We decided to try chiropractic after a friend suggested it and referred us to Dr. Tria. After Molly recieved 2 adjustments, her pain was relieved, symptoms were gone and hasn't had an ear infection since. We have noticed that sincwe beginning chiropractic care Molly is overall a healthier child. Her nose doesn't with the seemingly constant cough that her classmates seem to have. After the results we saw with Molly we decided to become chiropractic patients ourselves and bring our other 2 children for regualr chiropractic care our family has become healthier naturally without having to take lots of medications!"

 - Kevin and Jen O.

"I have noticed since beginning chiropractic care that I have much fewer colds, improved sleep and sense of well-being. Prior to recieving adjustments my health was good, but I was not sleeping and had frequent colds."

 - Brenda T.

"I am a healthy person overall, but had chronic lower back and neck pain. I was able to function, but with pain. This pain greatly interfered with my sleep. I learned a great deal about chiropractic from a class and attending Dr. Tria's lecture helped me make the deision to come to Healthy Edge. My back pain has subsided (sometimes acts up) and my neck pain has decreased. Through Dr. Tria's educations, I have learned more about how neck and back problems can coincide with other symptoms, too."

 - Laury O.

"I was experiencing back and neck pain frequently and could only sleep on my memory foam mattress without throwing my back out. Since beginning chiropractic care I have been able to increase the movement in my neck and torso, I no longer have back pain and I am able to sleep on mattresses other than my memory foam. The knowledge and friendliness impresses me the most about your service; Dr. Tria and Patty are always happy, upbeat and friendly. Dr. Tria seems extremely educated in her field."

 - Steve W.

"When I came here I was in terrible pain. I was taking pain medications soI could sleep. I had numbness down my left arm and hand. Dr. Tria started working on me, and within a few weeks I was pain free and the numbness was gone. I am sleeping better, I feel better all over, in addition to being pain free. I love doing my stretching exercises. Looking forward to even better health. I now have my husband and two kids coming to Dr. Tria."

 - Janet S.

"When I arrived at Dr. Tria's office, I was in a lot of pain and under a great deal of stress. My neck was mecca for tense and tight muscles. With education, guidence, and great care from Dr.Tria, I am already feeling much better and learning to deal with stress in a way that is notcounterproductive to my overall health. Dr. Tria doesn't just treat your bones she cares for your entire body, health and psychological well being. She gives you the power to help your body heal itself. POWERS ON!"

 - Eileen L.


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